ORIGIN : Greece.  DATE OF PUBLICATION OF THE ORIGINAL VALID STANDARD : 16.10.1959.  UTILIZATION : Hound with a fine sense of smell and of great resistance; he is an acitve hunter either alone or in a pack and responds completely in all terrains of  lowland or mountains and even in the more rocky and unworkable terrains; his voice is resonant and harmonious. FCI-CLASSIFICATION : Group 6 Scent hounds and related breeds, Section 1.2 Medium sized Hounds With working trial.  GENERAL APPEARANCE : Medium sized dog, short haired, black and tan, strong, vigorous, lively, keen.  HEIGHT AND WEIGHT : The height at the withers for the males is from 47 to 55 cm and the females from 45 to 53 cm. Tolerance of more or less 2 cm. The weight  is of 17 to 20 kg. COAT : Short hair, dense, a little hard, close fitting. COLOUR : Black and tan. A small white patch on the chest is tolerated. The mucous membranes visible, the nose and the nails black. HEAD : Long, its total length reaches the 4,35 : 10 of the height at the withers. The width of the skull must not be more than the half of the total length of the head,  i.e. the total cephalic index must be less than 50. The upper cranial lines and the muzzle are divergent. SKULL : Its length is equal or a little less than the length of the muzzle; of fairly flat shape. The occipital protuberance only slightly evident. Forehead quite broad.  Medial furrow not very marked. Superciliary arches high. MUZZLE : Straight or, in the males, slightly bowed (arched), its length is equal or a little more than that of the skull. Stop not very pronounced. Nose on the muzzle  line, overhanging the forward vertical lip line, humid, mobile and black. Nostrils well open.  JAWS AND LIPS : Strong jaws meeting perfectly either in scissor or pincer bite, strong white teeth. Lips rather developed.  EYES : Normal size, neither deep set nor prominent, brown colour with lively and intelligent expression.  EARS : Of medium length, (almost half the length of the head), set on high, i.e. above the zygomatic arches, flat, rounded at the lower extremity and hanging  vertically. NECK : Powerful, muscled, without dewlap, descending harmoniously towards the shoulders. Its length is nearly 6,5 : 10 of the total length of the head.  BODY : The length of the body is 10% more than the height at the withers. Topline of the body is straight and slightly convex at the loins; the lower line slightly  rising. WITHERS : Slightly raised above the backline.  CHEST : Well developed, deep, let down to elbow level.