From then on it was Kostas and me being together. We travelled together through Europe and visited Greece  several times. Imagine Kostas and me in a small car, driving 8000 kilometers in just four weeks,  sleeping on the deck of the ferry boat from Italy to Greece... We both loved it. During the years we met so many people and other animals. There was never a problem. Kostas would just steal your heart. In 2011 Kostas’ fur began to get greasy and smelly. According to the vet Kostas had developped an allergy. What  had caused it was not known. But the vet prescribed prednisone and all went back to normal again. Later that year Kostas developped red spots, also known as hot spots, in his groins. His lymph nodes became  swollen and it was clear that something was quite wrong with Kostas’ health.  We tried to increase the daily dose of prednisone but that didn’t help and it was clear that Kostas was suffering from  lymphoma and had no chance to recover. I had no other choice than to stop Kostas from suffering and put him to  sleep. That day left a scar on my heart... I still mis him every day.