RIBS : Slightly sprung.  BACK : Long, straight. LOINS : Slightly arched, short, strong, well muscled.  BELLY : Lean, slightly drawn up. RUMP : Long, broad, well muscled, slightly sloping.  TAIL : Not long, at maximum reaching the point of the hock, set rather high, thick at the root and tapering slightly towards its tip; in movement carried sabre  fashion. FOREQUARTERS : Good straight legs from the front and in profile, well muscled and robust.  SHOULDERS : Sloping, well muscled and close to the thorax.  ARMS : Oblique, muscular and robust.  FOREARMS : Straight, long, well boned.  PASTERN-JOINT : Lean, not prominent.  PASTERN : Of sufficient length, strong, rather straight, never hollow. FRONT FEET : Rounded, compact; strong toes, close, arched; strong nails, curved, black; pads large, hard, tough. HINDQUARTERS : Good, straight vertical seen from behind and in profile; well muscled and robust.  THIGHS : Long, strong, well muscled.  LEG : Slanted, long, strong. HOCK JOINT : Lean, strong, medium height, bent hock.  HOCK : Strong, lean, quite long, almost straight, without dewclaw.  HIND FEET : Same as the front feet.  MOVEMENT : Swift and light.