I was wondering what breeds were combined in this dog. For me it obviously was a bastard. The black and tan fur and its body  pointed in the direction of a Doberman, but it's feet were to small. Having such small feet I was sure it wouldn't grow very high.  But how wrong I was. After the first year Kostas reached a height of 52 cm with a weight of 18 kilos!  We went to a veterinarian to give Kostas it's injections and a passport and we went home to The Netherlands. Kostas developed to a very lively and playful dog, crazy about little children and other dogs. Besides that he's very fast and agile.  He outruns any other dog except for the Greyhounds. Everyone I met asked me what kind of breed he was and I answered that  he was a bastard which I took from Greece. But he had such temperament. I even doubted myself for my abilities of training dogs.  No other dog I ever encountered had such stubborn character! And puberty had yet to come... In the summer of 2001 we went to Greece again, this time with Kostas. The Greek people recognized him as a Gekka or a Greek  Harehound, specially bred for hunting small game. Now the puzzle became complete: his enormous temperament, agility, speed  and energy; Kostas was a huntingdog which probably broke loose from a local breeder. The journey to Greece was a very fine training for Kostas. He learned a lot and is more quiet and calm now. He even listens  better, and that's our best achievement! Back in The Netherlands I was eager to learn more of this breed but I couldn't find much on the Internet. But I gathered a few  things you'll find on the next pages like the breed standard for the Greek Harehound of the Federation of International Canines,  and of course some pictures of Kostas. All of the above I wrote in the year 2000. And in the following years Kostas was always by my side. When my girlfriend and I split  in 2004 he came to live with me.